Trance mediumship - Independent weekend course 

A course for you who might have come a bit down the road in your medial development and/or wants to explore and improve your trance mediumship in the best possible way!

There are several levels in the development of this phenomena. It might be a state where the medium is in a kind of deep sleep and total unconsciousness or a state of silence and passivity. With his long and thorough experience, Jeff will guide you through these states of mind, a great start on your journey towards deeper development.

This form of medial development is an on-going process with no time limit. When the decision is made to develop a medium's trance potential, a circle is formed with the sole purpose of the development of this medium. During these course occasions, we will weave together theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, and everyone will get the opportunity to work with and explore the deepest levels of the subconscious.

Course fee: 4,400 SEK