Trance mediumship - weekend course

Jeff Jones is very compassionate when it comes to his profession and Spiritual work as a Medium! Over the many years working as a professional Spiritual/Medium/Consultant I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people from all walks of life and professions. Equally I have met some very talented and gifted mediums in my time, who shows an incredible potential.

However, I have met many people who within the “spiritual scene” and this includes “some so called teachers” that within their best interest are somewhat delusional and ignorant when we begin to discuss what constitutes a true and genuine state of Trance & Trance Mediumship!

The first thing we all have to accept is, Trance Mediumship is an integral aspect of the phenomena of spiritualism and mediumship.

Much of what I see and what passes for trance mediumship in today’s spiritual scene is, quite frankly a load of nonsense! It becomes insulting to those who are sincere in their work as a Trance medium and furthermore a greater insult to the intelligence of those who have obtained knowledge and experience.

I often wonder how even more insulting it must be for the many great Trance Mediums who now resides within the realms of the spirit world? What must they think? The good news is, we had and still have amongst us to day genuine Trance mediums!

The Academy of Excellence is a Professional Teaching Organisation and we pride ourselves by upholding Spiritualism in its rightful place and that is, It's a “way of life!

The Academy of Excellence has over fifty years of experience which is invaluable when it comes to Understanding, Knowledge, Experience,Teaching & Development. Therefore The Academy is very committed to providing a good established Educational Program for all who strive to become the Professional Spiritual/Consultant/ Mediums.

It is therefore important that the Academy of Excellence provides Trance Weekend Seminars.

So what is Trance, “Trance Mediumship"?

We are going to start by explaining that all form of Mediumship requires an altered state of consciousness.

The Trance state begins when, through an induced altered state of consciousness, we allow the spirit world to “draw close” or even place a what we would call a ‘hold’ on The Mediums mind, when this is achieved it enables a closer correlation and blending with the spirit world.

Of course, the level of ‘hold’ on the medium’s will vary medium to medium and therefore will determine the quality and depth of trance.

Genuine Trance Mediumship is somewhat rather rare these days! However, Trance is as mentioned above an integral aspect of Mediumship and one could say that Trance Mediumship can be looked upon as a more refined aspect of mediumship.

Once the Trance state is established it will influence everything that we are along with it having a deeper influence upon the messages that we receive in mediumship. The level and the quality of the blending of the energy between the Spirit Control and Medium can be very strong and at times the medium can lose their awareness. However, this does not suggest that the medium has fall to sleep!

The process of trance occurs when we “allow” ourselves to subdue our conscious thinking minds, so that the spirit world can quietly impinge their thoughts and minds onto the mediums mind in order to make their presence felt.

Anyone who is developing the Trance State will learn over a period of time that, In order to achieve the altered /trance must work towards withdrawing their awareness from the ‘here and now’ and by achieving this we then move vibration where we place our mind into another level of stillness.

Having moved our awareness we become what one would call “subdued and passive”within this process, we give room to allow the spirit world to draw closer and closer to the mind of the medium.

In Fact we could say that the blending become so close that the communicating spirit/Control comes to the fore of the medium’s mind until there is very little awareness/consciousness within the medium.

Trance comes under the umbrella of MENTAL mediumship. That means it’s a process of mind to mind communication. When we understand how the spirit controls or impinges their thoughts on the medium’s mind, the greater the cooperation between the medium and spirit the more control they have.

So, basically, when you have achieved a level of Trance it’s because you have got out of the way of your own thinking and allowed a collective mind to blend with yours and take control of your thinking processes.

Our Trance weekends are carefully designed to allow everyone present the opportunity of knowing and learning what constitutes a true genuine state of Trance. Jeff likes to get up and close with everyone, so that each will have a high level of coaching. Jeff will also work with group dynamics along with each individual to create all of the right conditions that are met along with creating the right energy that is required for the safe practices of Trance Mediumship.


The weekend will cover the subject matter of the following:

  • Trance Circle
  • The importance of sittingHaving the right sitters
  • The altered State of Consciousness
  • Spirit Control/Guides
  • Overshadowing
  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Philosophy
  • Communication
  • Assessment along with practical advice

If you are a serious Medium and would like to know more about Trance, Trance Development then why not come along to one of Weekend Course. We can assure you that you will be enlightened and encouraged to find a way in which you can develop your mediumship to a deeper level.

We host regular weekend Trance Course throughout the year. So for further information please contact us through: or +46 (0)76 082 1949