The Academy of Excellence's Vision

The main aims of the vision of the Academy of Excellence are to create an International School/College. A place where all Sensitive, Psychic, Mediumistic people of all ages can come together under the umbrella of unity, love and spirituality.

The Academy of Excellence is a non-religious, worldwide Teaching organisation. One of its main objectives are to Train and Educate Professional Mediums, Healers, Speakers & Teachers so that Spiritualism can be removed away from any Occult, Esoteric, and New Age practices.

It is hoped that our Pioneers of yesteryear will still realise that our Professional Mediums of today, are still openly practicing their Mediumship along with celebrating the Freedom that came out of the struggles of the last century, Placing Modern Day Spiritualism in its true light within today’s Society.

The Academy of Excellence was built upon a solid foundation with its roots deeply embedded in Spiritual Philosophy. Therefore, we recognise that to be able to achieve all the above, the Academy offers within its Education Program, Spiritual Philosophy as a foundation for all who embarks upon the great road of Personal/Spiritual Truth. This in turn offers every individual Personal / Spiritual growth along with Spiritual Identity, and most importantly Spiritual freedom.

To continue with our ultimate vision, it is important to work and cooperate with all other Professional Mediums and Organisations. Those who are working towards the same goal and vision, those who are serious in serving God, Spirit and Humanity.

We recognise that there are many other Teachers, Mediums, Healers, Lightworkers who are already out in the world working, not just in Sweden, but worldwide, who need to come together in unity, love and understanding.

The Academy offers a serious, structured Educational Program which includes regular weekend Courses, Workshops, Medium Demonstrations throughout the year. The Academy of Excellence is unique in offering a ‘7 Step Client Centered Model of Education’ which includes Psychology into Mediumship.

This will involve the student studying Theory Coursework at a Foundation Level which is Step 1 within the Educational Structure. This, in turn, will allow all students to continue their Education through to Diploma Level.

Having achieved all the above, the Academy of Excellence will produce Exponents who are qualified to teach and bring the Spiritualist Movement into the 21st Century.

We at The Academy of Excellence

Jeff Jones 


FOUNDER OF THE ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE    INTERNATIONAL RENOWNED MEDIUM                                            AUTHOR                                          SPIRITUAL CONSULTANT                LECTURER & TEACHER

Jeff Jones has worked in eleven countries around the world as a Spiritualist Medium, Healer, Public Speaker, Author, Lecturer which has gained him over forty years’ experience. His journey placed him onto an International Platform along with him doing Television, Radio, small & large theatres.

Throughout all his work as an experienced Medium, he has had pleasure of working with all walks of life from the rich and famous, Doctors, Scientist’s to the Poor Souls who lives on our streets.

Throughout of all his professional Career, the one thing Jeff has come to learn and that is the high level of responsibility that comes with his work as a Medium
Jeff has reunited families all around the world by bringing the two words together in that one moment of time. whereby he proves beyond any shadow of doubt, that there is no death.

Having obtained over 40 years of Professional Experience, he is recognised by some of his fellow colleagues as a true Consummate Professional and is very sought after as a teacher in Europe and within Spiritualism.



Julie Jones

MA Cognitive Behavioural SPECIALIST  p.g.c.e. Teaching Diploma in
General Counselling                                dIPLOMA WITHIN MediumSHIP,


Julie Jones - Is a Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Specialist and is currently teaching Psychology at Cardiff University.

Julie Jones works as a Professional Teaching Consultant & Coach within the Academy of Excellence along her Mentoring all our Students who are currently enrolled within our Education program. Julie teaches Basic Psychology into Mediumship.

Julie has over thirty years working on an International platform as a Psychologist, Medium, Healer Teacher. Her unique method is in merging both Psychology and mediumship as a holistic therapy.

Through her having a complete Holistic approach along with being Client Centred her skills brings to all her clients change, hope, healing and most of all new perspective in how to maintain change!

Julie though her Sensitivity and Mediumistic link is able to create bridges between the psyche and mediumistic potential. This in turn accelerates the healing process for everyone along with giving the client a deeper understanding about how we all function as a composite being!