The 7-step Model

The Academy of Excellence is a non Religious Teaching Organization. We are the first Medium Teaching Academy that incorporates Complementary Therapy into the development of Mediumship and to our Unique Education System.

Having a complete Holistic approach into teaching Client Centered Mediumship makes us a leading pioneer within The new Mediumship of today. It also separates from many Esoteric, New Age or Occult Practices, which are very prevalent within Spiritualism of today.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on our Professionalism and with over forty years of experience within the Teaching, Training and Development of Mediumship along with the Phenomena of Modern Day Spiritualism.

We are also very aware that like with any other Academic study, Education costs money and investing into a serious structured Medium Education is of paramount importance. Therefore, it is extremely important for the potential Student to do their research into what seems to be a very grey area within Spiritual Development.

The student needs to ensure that the Education Programmes is to a Professional Standard of Mediumship and available to the student in terms of meeting their Goals of Training and Development.

With all of the above in mind, the Academy of Excellence has invested its time into creating a unique Client Centered 7-Step Model of Training and Development. The Seven Step Model is a unique Two and a half year Education programme, taking the student through the various steps of Training and Development.

Step 1 - Hands On Weekend

Within this Module, the student will be invited to enroll in a ‘Hands On’ Weekend Course, which is an Experiential weekend, looking at the various Mediumistic ranges along with identifying the strengths of each individual student.

On that weekend, each student will receive a Professional Assessment as to where their Mediumship ability lies. Each individual will be advised accordingly as to which pathway of Development they should pursue. Mental Mediumship can be split into two avenues, ie the Communication Class and the Spiritual Contact Healing Class. Both come under the Umbrella of Mental Mediumship and yet they are two very distinct schools of discipline to follow.

Step 2 - The Foundation Course

This Module is Certificate Level and it is Theory based. The Course is spread over two weekends involving Presentation, Lectures & Workshops.

Step 3 - Psychology into Mediumship.

This Module is Certificate Level. Once again, this is specialised Training and involves two weekends with a Specialist Psychologist. Both weekends involve Lectures, Presentations and Practical Hands On, where the student is carefully guided the expertise of the Psychologist.

Step 4 - Introduction to Written Course Work.

This Module is once again theory based, looking into Modern Day Spiritualism, the Mechanics of Mediumship and the art of Spiritual Contact Healing. This part of the Module is ‘a Group Study’ whereby the student will undertake Distance Learning.

Step 5 - Master Class with Jeff Jones.

This Module requires eight Master Class Weekends with Jeff Jones. Each weekend will have its own Specialism within all aspects of Mediumship and involves practical Hands-On Training and Development. This stage will equip the Student Medium in working towards completing a Spiritualistic Service along with One to One Consultations under the careful guidance of Supervision of Jeff Jones.

Step 6 - Ongoing Assessments.

Within this Module, the student will receive Supervision and an Assessment. The student will be asked to deliver an ‘In-house’ Demonstration of Mediumship along with a short Lecture, Presentation/Philosophy and a one to one Private Consultation. This stage of development is crucial to the progression of achieving the Diploma.

Step 7 - The Area Board.

At this stage of the Programme, the student should be confidently equipped to deliver a Spiritualistic Service which involves:- A Reading, Prayer; Philosophy; and Communication within an invited public audience.

This Area Board is made up of Professional Assessors who are specialised within their own field of expertise.

The above 7 step Model gives a brief explanation into the 2 and a half year programme. The Academy of Excellence is very proud of this unique education system that is available only within the Academy of Excellence.