Spiritual Contact Healing Education

The Academy of Excellence is a Professional Teaching Organisation and we pride ourselves with having over fifty years of Experience and this of course must be invaluable to the Company but comes as a complete assurance to anyone who is seeking Education, Training and Development.

The Academy of Excellence has a complete Holistic approach to all clients and to all our students. We Teach and work with being Client Centred. This Model is very exciting and is new to Sweden but very Unique to the Academy.

Each student will enrol onto a two and a half year program. The program is very carefully designed to help each student to recognise their own level and potential. Academy of Excellence will be available to offer practical advice and guidance whenever it is needed.

The Academy of Excellence is committed in producing Professional Speakers, Mediums and Healers that will uphold spiritualism at the highest level in order to promote Professional Standards that will be upheld for future generations to come!

The Academy is here to help, guide, and encourage each student within each step along their journey within any moments or difficulty, our true aim and mission is to provide the right level of training & development within all aspects of the phenomena and within the modules that will be assigned to the student!

The healing education includes:

1) The Healing Course Requires a hundred and Two weekshands on Healing
The 102 hands on are obligatory and this period of time has been proven and tested. It is absolutely necessary for the unfoldment of the healing work, attunment and all other important aspects with regards to the running of a Healing Clinic and working with the Public etc.

The Academy of Excellence will hold what we call a Student Healing Training Book for each student. The book is designed to ensure that all students have fulfilled each task. i.e, Sitting once a week, receptionist within the Healing clinic, Hands-on Healing, etc,etc, Each book will be marked each time the group meets with Jeff Jones.

2) The basic Spiritual Healing 1 (BSH1) it is a  Written Theoretical course
This Basic theory Course will be introduced within a certain period of your Education plan, when Introduced we ask that all papers be completed in each section before moving on to the next by Section. Each section will be marked by one of our qualified tutors within the Academy. Each section will be given a mark which will accumulate to your overall pass mark which 65%

3) Circle work
The Academy is now looking at new ways of working with our Healing Circles. We believe that through the power of the Internet we do not need to travel out in all weathers to our circles! We are looking at working with Zoom, Skype platforms. This means that all circle members will be able to tune in to Jeff over a distance and within the comforts of their own home.
This Idea is in progress. 

4) Eight Master Classes with Jeff Jones, 
The weekends with Jeff will cover the following:

a) Eight Mater Classes Jeff Jeff Jones.
b) The Healing Circle
c) The Art of attunement
d) Healing through the power of Prayer 
e) Magnetic Healing
f) Distance Healing 
g) Trance Healing
h) The Aura
i) The Chakra System
j) Healing Clinic
k) Regular Assessment

5) Two weekend seminars in Basic Psychology into Mediumship which includes tutorials :
"The Academy of Excellence" hires a Professional Consultant to teach all students basic Psychology Skills who are enrolled on the healing Course. Julie Jones who is employed by the Academy Of Excellence will give the students many tools in which they will be able to incorporate into their Mediumship. 

The Weekends are filled with very interesting topics, themes such as:

a) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
b) Bereavement 
c) Sexual Abuse
d) Substance Abuse
e) Relationships
f) Drama Triangle

With much, much more All of the Above will be facilitated in hands on workshops.
Julie is there to help and guide each one within a therapeutic environment 
Upon completion of the course, all participants who are successful will receive a certificate for their studies within Bacic Psychology/Counselling into the Healing Mediumship.

6) A weekend course in basic Anatomy and physiology which includes tutorials.

"The Academy of Excellence" hires a Professional Consultant. This ensures that all students get the best education possible within the subject matter.
The course will be finalized through a written theory test where the student needs a 65 % mark to be approved, to ensure that the student has found the understanding of the subject matter.
Upon completion of the course, the participants will receive a certificate of completed anatomy and physiology studies.

7) Examination - Area Board
The area Board consists of the following:

All students who have successfully completed and passed their theory course work, along with all other practical tasks within the course, the Academy will arrange an Examination, the examination will consist of a board of professional assessors.  

The students will have to fulfill the following:

a) The setting up of the Healing Clinic
b) The safe keeping of case study records.
c) Give a practical demonstration of their Healing work on a member of the public.
b) An oral exam 

When all of the Above has been accomplished the student will be awarded with a certificate which will state that they are an approved Spiritual Healer.