Physical Mediumship

Jeff Jones Physical Medium

All forms of Physical Mediumship are ectoplasm based and when produced they are of a physical Nature. It is truly one of the most spectacular forms of Mediumship and when witnessed at its best can be life changing. Whatever form that is produced, is witnessed by everyone in the room, everyone sees the same thing along with it being the most evidential form of Mediumship.

Jeff Jones is a long standing Physical Medium and he proclaims that Physical Mediumship has always been with us and long before the Fox Family which took place in Hydesville 1848. However,Hydesville has its place within our history books because it is the first ever documentation that we have of spirit return.

It also demonstrates that during that period, the mediumship and its phenomena that was produced was of a physical nature, hence Physical Mediumship was born and out of this very important act of spirit return, the Spiritualist Movement was created and it is what we have today.

At its height during the séances of the late 18th and early 19th century, physical mediumship largely disappeared from view in the latter half of the century, following allegations of fraud and deception. However, It has never gone away entirely and even though physical mediumship is very rare, around the world, there are very sincere dedicated mediums who today have been sitting for years to develop physical Mediumship.

It must be said that Public seances of Physical Mediumship are rarely open to the general public. Normally such evenings when held are by invitation only, however, if you are a member of a Spiritualist Church, Spiritual Group, or within The Academy of Excellence you may eventually be able to witness such phenomena.

Mediumship comes under two very distinctive categories i.e, Mental Mediumship/Physical Mediumship. However, what we can safely say is that Mediumship is an inherent element that belongs to the Spirit.

Therefore and to some degree, everyone has the possibility to develop an ability to link with the discarnate Spirit. The development allows the individual to become aware by using their sensitivity by becoming receptive to the influences coming from those in Spirit.

However, let's be very clear here and say that “not everyone can become a Physical Medium". Unlike mental mediumship, which can, to some degree, be developed within most people, whereas physical mediumship requires certain elements to be present within the complete make-up of the physical medium.

Physical mediumship is the process whereby someone, “in spirit”, usually known as a spirit operator works or operates through the mental AND physical energies of the Physical Medium, which in turn and “causes something physical” to happen on the Earth plane.

Physical mediumship is objective by nature; that is, when the phenomena occur, everyone present is able to see and hear the action.

The Physical Mediums can be likened to a reservoir or some kind of storehouse for the substance which is known as ectoplasm or etheric matter, which is an aspect within the etheric vehicle that is a subtle counterpart of the Medium.

It acts as a battery, or a bridge of consciousness between the spirit and the body. Specifically, it acts as a bridge of energy and consciousness between the subtle body of the medium and the physical body.

What is ectoplasm?

When the spirit operator withdraws what we have referred to as “etheric energy-matter” from the medium's body and all the sitters, it is known as ectoplasm; it is always under the direction of the spirit world. The ectoplasm has to be blended with other Etheric ingredients (which we don’t know what they are) is worked upon and where it can be and manipulated by the “mind of the spirit operator” Once this has been achieved physical phenomena occur.

Ectoplasm can be created in many different forms -- both visible and invisible; white and colored, smell, no smell and it all depends on the matter at hand and it depends upon what the Spirit people wish to do with this incredible substance/material. Once created, the ectoplasm generally emerges from the medium through some bodily orifice (nose or mouth) or through the solar plexus.

Let's look at some of the different type or forms of Physical Mediumship
Spirit works with physical mediumship in a number of ways. Apparently, there is no limit to what Spirit can do, provided the proper conditions prevail. Here are some of the phenomena witnessed in physical circles:

Manipulation of Ectoplasm:

This is the most fundamental use of ectoplasm. The ectoplasm is released from the medium's body, and the operator demonstrates how it can be fashioned and directed. This becomes a demonstration of Spirit's ability to influence matter via the directed use of mind.

The most spectacular forms of Physical Mediumship. In a Physical phenomena Circle and when all the right conditions are met, is when Spirit is in a action by producing “partial or full materialisation”

With materialisations, the Spirit guides collect ectoplasm from inanimate (furniture, materials in the room) and animate objects (namely the medium and circle sitters) where it’s mixed with etheric chemicals on their side, to form a stable moulding substance that spirits can use to create an exact physical body of how they looked on earth or as they now appear in spirit.

The degree and strength of the materialized form varies quite a bit. A fully materialised form or head-to-toe materialization of a spirit is, perhaps, the most amazing phenomenon witnessed in mediumship.

There are countless recorded cases where spirits have materialised fully, with full dress, facial features, and any distinguishing marks that they previously had on their body. They can look as solid as our earthly body appears.

On some occasions materialised spirits have gone to the extent of creating fingerprints of their materialised hands, moved heavy objects, and danced with sitters. Materialised spirits can walk among the sitters; talk to the sitters via direct voice; touch, hug, and kiss the sitters; allow the sitters to touch them; materialize in front of the sitters; pass through walls; and dematerialise before the sitters.

During the manifestations, the physical medium usually sits within an enclosed area, called a cabinet. The cabinet is basically anything which allows a physical medium to sit away from the sitters and the cabinet also helps focus the energies and creates a type of battery.

Movement of Objects: 

Ectoplasm can be used to move objects. During a demonstration such as this, the spirit operator might mold the ectoplasm into hardened rods and direct these rods to the underside of an object and cause the object to be lifted. This is known as levitation and usually -- although not always -- involves the production of an invisible form of ectoplasm. Objects known to be levitated can range in weight from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds.

Direct Voice:
Here, the Spirit operators create an ectoplasmic voice box, through which they can speak physically and audibly to all present. This is often done using a small conical device, known as a trumpet. The trumpet acts very much like the cabinet, in that the energies are focussed inside the trumpet. The trumpet is often levitated around the room, with the Spirit people speaking through it.


Here, Spirit causes something to materialize in the sitting room, apparently from nowhere. The apported object sometimes does and sometimes does not remain. Often, the materialized object is dematerialized back to where it came from. Stones, gems, animals, ancient relics, and even people have been known to be imported into seance rooms.

Raps and Taps:

This is a common form of activity observed in circles for physical mediumship. The Spirit people cause sharp raps to be heard, often from within the table they are sitting around. A code can be established through the raps, thus creating a means of conveying specific messages to the sitters.

Spirit Lights:

This is another common occurrence in physical circles. Flashes or balls of light appear, often on or near the vicinity of the medium himself or herself.