Professional Introductory weekend courses  - Mental / Physical Mediumship 

Professional Introductory weekend courses  - Within all aspects of both Mental/Physical Mediumship

The Academy of Excellence is very Unique when it comes down to its Education, Teaching and Development Program. The Academy of Excellence separates itself away from the many other Mediumistic schools and Societies that are operating throughout Sweden. 

We Pride ourselves on Teaching Client Centred Mediumship through our Seven Step Medium Program which is new and exciting along with it being Unique within Sweden.
We are even more aware of the fact that when one pays serious  money for any kind of Medium weekend, that the organisation who is hosting the event should have knowledge and experience to be able to  teach All” the different forms of Mediumship that are available to each individual and the spirit world!

By the Academy of Excellence offering regular Introductory Weekend Courses in Mediumship gives the truth seeker, an opportunity to have a complete understanding and overview of the different types of Phenomena that are here to be used.

With the Academy of Excellence having over fifty years of experience along with Jeff having a vast knowledge within being a Mental Medium, Physical Medium Healer, Teacher and Author we are able to deliver all of the above.

Our Introductory weekends  welcome all levels and there will be something for everyone! All our weekends are very carefully designed to give all our participants the opportunity to not only see and witness the different forms of Mediumship in action, but the opportunity to experience it and  to practice it themselves with an experienced Teacher Present.

The different subject matter that will be covered ON ALL OUR INTRODUCTARY WEEKENDS  includes the following: 

Intuition, Psychic abilities, Mental Mediumship, Communication with loved ones, Philosophy, Physical Mediumship, Trance, Healing and much more etc.

Because there are so many levels within the unfoldment and the cultivation of Mediumship, it is even more important for US TO OFFER THESE KIND OF  “OPEN” WEEKENDS to all who are seemingly wanting to move forward within their own Mediumship, those who seek a deeper understanding with all the ranges of Mental/Physical mediumship and its Phenomena.

Our weekend opens its doors and welcomes the following:

1 Those who are interested in the subject matter.

2 Those who are looking for a serious structured Education

3 Those who are looking for Training and Development

4 Those who are serious and wanting to become the professional

5 Those who would like to become Teachers

6 Those who are seeking more Knowledge

7 Those who are looking at ways in which to strengthen their link with spirit.

8 Those who are wanting to move away from the Occult and Esoteric Practices.

9 Those who want to deepen their Trance Mediumship

10 Those who are interested in Physical Mediumship & Its Practices. 

These kinds of weekends are informal but a good place to start and they are there to help everyone to explore your own inner Medium Potential, So, for example, have you ever thought about: 

“Do I have any mediumistic abilities? 

I have been told that I have Healing abilities?                                                         

I have been told that I have Trance potential?" Etc.

How will you ever know if you don’t explore it? Our Introductory weekends are so perfectly designed to bring out the very best within each individual  Even though these kind of weekends are very exciting, Jeff will carefully lead the group and its dynamic up through the seven step program (which is unique to the Academy of Excellence) by starting with your Sixth Sense up to communication with the spiritual world.
We will cover all the different disciplines and  aspects of Mediumship and during the course of the weekend you will experience for yourself what “doors” are open to you and what Mediumistic tools that are available for you to use.

At the very end of every Introductory Weekend Seminar, everyone will receive a professional  assessment from Jeff Jones along with him giving each individual some good advice in how to continue along your spiritual Journey.

It is very important to the Academy of Excellence that everyone from the newcomer to the experienced  Medium have and receive a positive experience with us!

Jeff Jones.