Foundation course - Spiritualism, 30 h

Foundation Course   -  Basic Spiritualism

The Academy Of Excellence is a world wide Teaching organisation and one of the aims of the Academy is to Educate,Train and Develop professional Mediums, Healers Speakers and Teachers along with empowering all people who are embarking upon great road of truth.
The Academy of Excellence are Committed and dedicated into providing a Serious Structured Educational program for all students of Mediumship.

The Academy of Excellence has written This basic foundation course in the hope it will enrich the minds and hearts of those who are looking to become a Serious Professional Spiritual Consultant.

The Foundation Course is a written Theory Course, based on The subject Matter of Life after Death & Modern Day Spiritualism.
This basic course is obligatory for all our students and it becomes the first step into our Educational program and further Education Training and Development.

The course includes: Life after Death, Modern day Spiritualism, The history, The different types of Phenomena, The Pioneers, Mental Mediumship, Physical Mediumship, Trance, Healing and much, much more.

This basic theory course (which is new to Sweden) and is unique to the Academy of Excellence, it's the first of its kind and its exciting because it hoped that it will wet everyone's appetite for obtaining knowledge, understanding and most importantly for learning.

Spiritualism is a vast subject matter and is something far removed from the Occult, along with New-Age and Esoteric practices. In England Spiritualism is recognised as a Religion. Science & Philosophy.

It is of paramount importance that the Academy brings this basic knowledge and information to all its students. All students will learn through this course that Spiritualism is steeped and bathed in a great history and Sweden like many other countries played its part.

Sweden has an enormous history and heritage. We hope the foundation course will help everyone to embrace the subject matter along with their heritage. Once this has been achieved each will begin to build a solid foundation on which each individual can stand tall and proud so that each can go on to cultivate a bright and beautiful future.

This Basic Course is presented to all students over two separate weekends seminars, which are (eight months apart ) 30 hours) The weekends are structured with Jeff giving lectures upon the many different aspects of the subject matter so that the student is able to grasp the subject step by step.

The Student will be asked to submit all answers to each section at a time before moving on to the next section. Each section will be marked and graded with a given percentage which will accumulate to the overall pass mark which is 65%

After successfully passing the course, the student will be awarded with a certificate of achievement. After the completion of the Foundation Course the Student can choose to apply for step 3

Step three is two-year half education training program within:

1) Spiritual Contact Healing.