Spiritual Healing

In Spiritual Healing, we look at the human with as having four components: mind, thoughts, emotions and soul. These four are interdependent. If there is a lack of balance in any of these parts, there will be complications, which usually show in some kind of physical illness.

So, when you come to a Spiritual Healer, this person connects the healing energy with your inner core - your soul. From there, the healing spreads into the other parts of your body - a bit like rings on water. This means that Spiritual Healing works on the cause of a blockage and not directly on the symptom.

Thanks to his long experience, Jeff has been able to refine his abilities to be an instrument, as pure and well-functioning as possible, for the healers and the doctors in the spirit world. They all make good use of Jeff's abilities to be able to do their work here on earth. Over the years, they have created a loving relationship, full of respect and care, to be able to co-operate as efficiently as possible. The spirit world has a higher level of knowledge and knows exactly what you need then and there.

When it comes to your own healing treatment, Jeff will have some questions for you, about why you reached out to him and what kind of treatment you might go through. It is very important to know that Jeff does not make a diagnosis and, in any way, replace your regular medical care. All medical decisions should be made in consultation with your doctor. Jeff cannot guarantee any specific results.

When you feel that you are ready, the actual healing treatment begins. It can be performed either sitting or lying down, depending on what you as a client feel most comfortable with.

Jeff usually works by placing his hands lightly on, for example, your head, your solar plexus or your feet. If you prefer not to be touched, Jeff can work in your aura, a few inches away from your physical body.

You can keep your clothes on. Sometimes, it can be more comfortable to take off your shoes and socks. The same goes for glasses, hearing aids, large jewellery, and similar items.

Since Jeff is only an instrument for the healing you need on this specific occasion, no treatment is the same. It is thus best to come with no expectations and then rely on the healers in the spirit world that will work through Jeff.

Once the treatment is completed, Jeff will answer questions that you may have. Sometimes, he will also tell you about his experiences and whether he has any specific advice for you.

Healing does not cause any side effects and you cannot overdose on it. It is a spiritual and uplifting treatment with the idea to help you heal and find joy.

The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes and the price is 1,200 SEK.

For mutual concerns, the healing treatments most often take place with a third person in the room, who is usually a translator.