VIP Seance 

What is a VIP Seance?

Jeff began a new trend throughout Sweden whereby he created the term ‘VIP Seance’ it is a great comfort knowing that many other Mediums are using this kind of format within their evenings. VIP Seance is an evening of togetherness with like minded people and it is an evening of Spirit Communication on the many levels that the Spirit World inspires each individual.

Jeff within his many skills and talents has designed such an evening which he calls ‘VIP’ Evening. This kind of evening is by invitation only, openly or private. The duration of the evening is approximately 3 hours and it is a very informal evening where people can relax and come together in conversation before the evening commences. The end of the Seance concludes with some light Refreshments and an exchange of what took place during the evening.

Normally, the visiting guests can be between 10 - 15 persons maximum. The reason for the numbers is down to the fact that each of our special guests is guaranteed to receive a personal/Spirit Communication from their loved ones in the Spirit World.

This kind of evening can be designed for: 

  1. People who are in a Developing Circle (looking for Guidance on their Development)
  2. A group of Family Members (who are hoping to receive messages from their loved ones)
  3. A group of Work Colleagues (this kind of evening can be something new and something very different and normally out of curiosity)
  4. A special gift from someone to a Group of Friends, ie Birthday Present etc. (This can be an evening of Psychic/Spirit Communication)
  5. A light Trance Seance. (this kind of evening is designed for those who are developing their Mediumistic work where guidance and philosophy will be given to each individual guest
  6. An evening of Psychometry. (this kind of evening is designed to give our guests their own personal Spiritual Experience by each guest ‘giving off’ information they have received.

    This VIP Evening is very spiritualised, intimate and loving experience, whereby each person creates a loving atmosphere to allow their loved ones to cross that bridge whereby their presence is felt through the Medium.

    These evenings have become so popular and if you or a group of friends are interested in such an evening, then you can contact: