Private session / consultation

The Academy Of Excellence Offers Private consultations

What is a private Consultation?
A private session with Jeff Jones can be a life-changing experience for many. However, to have proof without any shadow of doubt, that our loved ones who have passed on into the spiritual world are still around us, is extremely comforting and brings much joy and healing to many.
A one-to-one session is conducted in a room that is filled with spiritual love and energy which in turn has a very calming ambiance which allows everyone to relax. Jeff will put you at great ease with his wonderful sense of humour to ensure that your time with him will have a very positive lasting experience.

Jeff does not object to anyone who really feels the need to use their telephones, to record their session, although it is important to point out that Jeff or the Academy of Excellence hold no responsibility when it comes to equipment or recording failing.

Jeff through his vast knowledge and experience have learned the art of cooperation with the spirit world. Jeff through his mediumistic ability and the cooperation with the spiritual Guide can create a loving bridge whereby your loved ones/relatives are able to meet on that bridge and communicate messages of love and understanding back to us here on earth.

However, it is most important that we point out here that All sessions with the spirit world are experiment, therefore, there are no guarantees. Jeff who offers himself as a channel for the spirit world cannot command who comes or even place demands on those who are able to something through.

We can only trust that when working with the higher intelligence that the spiritual world will know what we truly need. Therefore we sometimes get what we need and not what we want!
Usually there will come someone you may have known personally, someone who is connected to the family. It could be a neighbour, work colleague, etc, It could even be someone you have heard talked about within the family but never met personally that will attempt to come through and identify themselves.

How long does the session last for?
Normally all sessions last approximately 30/40 minutes, however, by us having a complete holistic approach to all our guests/clients, we take absolute care to ensure that all our clients have enough time to compose themselves when the session has finished.

Through our vast experience by being client centred, we understand how one can be very deeply touched, moved and affected by their spiritual experience, for example, it can be a very deep emotional experience and therefore the client will need time to calm down and a time to compose themselves, therefore Jeff or his staff will take the time to ensure that all our clients are comfortable and balanced before we say our goodbyes.

Can I bring a friend in to my session?
Jeff and the Academy of Excellence has a very strict protocol when it comes to how many people can enter a private consultation.
The only time when Jeff will allow more than one person into a session is when there is a loss of a child!

Jeff insists that his work is about quality and not quantity. therefore, he wants everyone to get the best out of their time with him and the spiritual world..

From many years of doing one-to-one Jeff has learned from having more than one in the room/session the energies are pulled and used in so many different directions. I will give an example here: Mary booked a session with Jeff and asked if she could bring in two friends because she was afraid? (I wonder what she thought was going to happen?) Of course I agreed to it so that Mary could relax.

Very quickly there came someone from the spirit world for Mary’s friend Joanne, it was her grandmother, Joanne have a beautiful time with her dear grandmother. As I proceeded I had another contact who was for the other friend Cath, it was her sister? and finally i did get someone for Mary (Hallelujah) The session continued by me jumping between all three of them.

Time unfortunately ran away! Mary then decided to complain bitterly to me by saying that“this was her time?” She didn’t want her friends to get anything or get involved? I tried to explain to her that I cannot command or demand who comes in my sessions? I also went on to explain to her that she holds the responsibility by bringing them into the room! I did end the session by giving Mary her money back.

From this very moment the Academy of Excellence decided to change its protocol with regards to private sessions. The Academy of Excellence is founded on truth, quality and professionalism and therefore we ensure only the best to all our clients.

Can I ask question in my sessions?
When booking a private session with Jeff, Please think about what is it you are needing or looking for, once you know what your needs are, you can then prepare and structure yourself and the time with Jeff.

I would like everyone to know and remember that it is your “time” and therefore, your time can be used in the following:


  1. Communication with the spirit world (loved one’s)
  2. Spiritual Healing
  3. Meditation
  4. Spiritual Counselling
  5. General Counselling
  6. Past life regression
  7. Talking about a certain spiritual experience.
  8. Help and advice regarding your spiritual development
  9. Questions & Answers
  10. Time off load any anxieties, frustrations etc.

    A private consultation is communion with the Spiritual World which includes the essence which is:
    God, Angels, Spiritual Guides Loved Ones, Animals etc.
    It should always be, an uplifting healing, spiritual experience for everyone.

    Jeff Jones

A private session/consultation takes about 35 minutes, and the price is 900 SEK.