Distance Healing

What is Distance or Absent Healing?
A healing that is practiced when the recipient is not physically present is known as distant/absent healing and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the healer.

Distance Healing allows the recipient to benefit from the healing process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or illness.

Distance healing is also known by many other labels such as: distance treatment, remote treatment, distance psychic treatment, distance holistic treatment, distance holistic therapy, remote holistic healing, distance Reiki light, remote spiritual help, distance healing energy transmittal, and other names.

Of course, the processes involved may vary slightly depending on the origins of the healer, but the essential transmission of healing energy is universal.

Distant healing encompasses a broad range of healing practices, many of which are based on ancient spiritual traditions. Virtually all major religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, endorse and encourage the use of distant healing among their adherents.

Two of the most common distant healing practices are offering prayers for those who are sick or in need and using forms of meditation where the Healer holds a compassionate intention to relieve the suffering of another.

Virtually all distant healing practices are concerned with alleviating the suffering and increasing the well being of others.