An evening of Mediumship

What is a an evening of Mediumship?
The Academy of Excellence holds regular public evenings and all our Spiritual evenings are filled with Spiritual love and togetherness and will be under the direction of the spiritual world.

Jeff has over 50 years of experience along with him having a very unique sense of humour which lights up the hearts of everyone present, the evening will be built upon the power of love, joy, singing, laughter and communication.

These kinds of evenings are very important to the future of the Spiritualist movement and they are open to the general public and everyone is welcome. It gives anyone and everyone an opportunity to understand a little something about Spiritualism, life after death and what is a Medium?

The primary object of such evenings is for everyone to observe a Spiritualist Medium Demonstrate their work. The Medium work is to prove that there is no such thing as physical death and that the human Soul lives on in what we refer to as the Realms of Spirit or the Spirit World.

How many people attend?
The numbers can vary from town to town country to country. Jeff through his many travels and experiences have filled Churches, Theaters, Auditoriums around the world. Jeff’s has worked adiances of 50 to 3000 seats.

Does everyone in the evening get a message?
No, not everyone gets a message! This is down to many factors. The first being the time factor. Secondly how many is in the Audience, Thirdly the well-Bing of the Medium.

Can I get a message for someone specific?
No, you cannot demand anyone! The medium cannot command or demand who comes and it doesn't matter how experienced the Medium is! Each time the Medium attempts communication he/she recognises that it is always experimental and therefore no Medium cannot Guarantee results.

We all should try to understand that there will be many who have passed over into their new spirit life and they may choose not to return back to us with messages of comfort and love! In this case what can the Medium do?

Let us take another example to demonstrate why we cannot “call upon the dead” There are some people whilst on earth believed that a Mediums work was that of the Devils work!

So after their passing they don’t change personality, or thinking! They will be the same personality there just as they were here before their passing! So they would have no desire to think about looking for a medium? Therefore Communication may never happen!

The list goes on! However, I would challenge anyone who would say they can bring you anyone! In my vast experience I know that love is the directing force that bounds all life and it is that same love that is in action when the worlds meet.

If it is the desire of those in the spiritual world to make contact back to us here on the earth level, then there is a possibility that the one who you are so deeply linked to, will attempt to make their presence felt!

Once again please, let's try to understand that when entering our new life within the spiritual world we will have to learn “how to communicate” Through a human Instrument “ the medium” Of course, there comes another challenge to the “ new arrivals” and that is to find “genuine medium” All mediums are working on different levels of intelligence, energy and vibration?

So, we all have to be somewhat patient and allow those who have entered their new life Time!

How long does an evening last?
This can vary Medium to Medium, However in Jeff’s public evenings it normally lasts two hours. After the evening Jeff will take the time to take questions and answers. Following Jeff leaving the platform, we like to serve all our guests Tea/Coffee light refreshments and this allows you to meet Jeff personally.

Can I bring my Son / Daughter?
Jeff has no objection to this at all because all our evenings are spiritually uplifting and Joyful and it is important to point out that Jeff do not use any Occult Practices. However, Jeff holds no responsibility and would ask the parents to think about what the evening can give to their child/ern.

Jeff places the full responsibility to the parents and he would ask them to look at the mental and emotional well-Being of their Children.

The complete reason for Jeff not have an objection is down to the fact that here in England Spiritualism is recognised as a Religion, Science and Philosophy. Therefore our children were brought up in spiritualist Church.

Of course I do understand that England has a great heritage which is something very different to all our neighbouring countries.