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Jeff Jones




Jeff Jones International Spiritual Consultant/Medium, Teacher, Author, has lectured upon the subject matter of life after death & Spiritualism for over forty years. Jeff's vast Knowledge & Experience has allowed him and his work into eleven countries around the world.
Jeff’s greatest love apart from Spiritual Contact Healing is the Teaching side of his work.

Jeff has built an enormous rapport with his Teaching Guides in the spiritual World and from this vast cooperation Jeff has designed a very unique way and an ability within his teaching work.

Jeff has the ability to link on the very same vibration as the student and spirit world which is invaluable for the students progress and development and of course for those who will attempt to make contact with us from the other side.

The medium’s role is to provide sufficient evidence that the Human Soul lives on after so-called physical Death and therefore, it is most important that the “would be medium” seek out an educated & experienced Teacher and the right level of Training & Development to achieve one's goal.


Julie Jones




Is a Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Specialist, currently teaching Psychology at Cardiff University.
Julie has over twenty-five years on an International platform as a Medium, Healer ,Teacher & Author.
Her unique method of combining Psychology and mediumship brings all her clients change, hope, healing and most of all new prospective in how to maintain change!
Julie teaches all the Academy's students - Psychology into Mediumship, her work involves creating bridges between the psyche and mediumistic potential along basic counselling skills in how to keep safe within your own sensitivity.