Firstly, may we extend a very warm welcome to you.

We hope that you will find the right level of information to help you with your enquiry.
The Academy of Excellence prides itself on Experience, Quality, and most importantly high standards of Professionalism.
The Academy of Excellence are leading pioneers and we are the first Spiritual/Medium School in Sweden to work with Therapy, Complementary therapy Psychology, Psychology into Mediumship. We specialise by using Professional Consultancy wherever necessary to empower and educate all Medium/Healing students. This allows us to treat and have a complete Holistic approach into being client Centred. Therefore, we are unique within this field and we also recognise the importance of the Professional Medium/Consultants work.

It is therefore, most important, that we, as a professional Body make ourselves noticeably clear that we have no Association to the Occult, Esoteric or New Age Practices.

Our Register is available to anyone who is searching for a Qualified, Educated Medium, or Spiritual Healer who can facilitate communication or Spiritual Contact Healing between the two worlds. The Academy of Excellence recognises that the work of Professional Mediums can and do have a very deep and profound effect upon some of their Clients (Particularly) the sick, bereaved, and the most vulnerable. Therefore, we hold full responsibility regarding our Code of Conduct along with working within an Ethical Framework.

We have learned from experience that One Session with a professional Medium/Consultant can and do change people’s lives and we hold proof of this statement.
Jeff Jones has been working in Germany & Sweden with Psychiatrists, Doctors, Health Practitioners for the purpose of merging Mediumship, Healing & Therapy.
The one thing that has truly come out from the cooperation from all professional Bodies, is that Mediumship & Spiritual Healing has its place and therore, both aspects should be recognised as a Complementary Therapy.

The other matter that we all agree upon, was the understanding that we are not just a Physical Intellectual Being! We are a composite being which means we are much more complex than Science understands. We are firstly, Spiritual Beings having an Earthly Experience and with all this in mind our work is focused on being Client Centred and therefore we can treat the Client as a whole.

The Academy of Excellence have been working extremely hard over many years and will continue to do so in the hope to move Mediumship, Spiritual Contact Healing into its rightful place and that is the Therapeutic World.
Of course, there is still a mountain to climb! For all governments, Science, Healthcare Practitioners, Doctors etc, to begin to take Mediums, Healers and the subject more seriously, we have to eradicate the considerable amount of miss-understanding and even more importantly to get rid of the Hocus Pocus that seems to keep Mediumship, Spiritual Healing in the dark.

The Academy also recognises that, to work alongside Healthcare Practitioners and other Professional Bodies, we too, must become Professional.
The Academy of Excellence prides itself on high standards and professionalism and all who are on our register i.e. Certified Mediums, Healers, Teachers have studied and have been trained to a high standard.

The philosophy behind the Academy of Excellence in creating such a register for Approved Spiritual Healers and Accredited Spiritualist Mediums, is that Jeff Jones believes that Mediumship and Spiritual Healing has its place within the therapeutic World.
The whole spiritual movement needs regulation along with Mediums, Spiritual Healers being accountable!

Therefore, having such a register is the first of its kind and it is just the beginning upon the road to professionalism. Creating such an idea as a professional Medium Register, I guess, it will leave a bad taste in the mouths of many! However, we do hope that it will attract only the serious Medium/Practitioner to join us.

Jeff Jones has many years of experience working around the world as a Spiritual Consultant/Medium, Healer. During his travels Jeff Jones has had the pleasure of working & cooperating with Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Counsellors etc. From the complete experience of having worked with other professions bodies, there seemed to be recognition from all who took part, that a “Professional Medium’s” work was likened to a “Bereavement Counsellor” another termed that was used was “Psychospiritual” and I had agree with them all and the Academy of Excellence will continue the good fight!

What this does is, it brings confidence amongst some Medical Practitioners, Health Care Professionals etc. It opens a doorway of opportunity, whereby having a complete Holistic Approach through the understanding that we are something more than an Intellectual Being. Within the Philosophy of embracing the fact that we are a “Composite Being” means we then begin to have an “overview” of the completeness of the client. With this new insight we create a Bridge into working Client Centred and treat the client within an ethical Spiritual Framework.

It also allows Mediums, Healers along with other Professional Bodies to sit around a table and discuss in which way we can provide safe practices in crossing the divide where Spirituality meets Medicine. Working and co-operating together can only enhance the Client’s Recovery. Let us not forget that Mediumship, Healing is still very much frowned upon even within today’s Society and it is very unregulated.

What is most concerning about this is, Mediumship is deemed to be some form of entertainment and this is something that I totally object to!

We can say that Hypnotherapy and General Counselling are widely used within the therapeutic world and are accepted. Therefore, why is it that Mediumship and Spiritual Contact Healing does not receive the same level of recognition?
It is not until such time that we raise the standards within Mediumship, Spiritual Healing that progress can be made, in which time we can go to all heads of Government and present Mediumship and Healing as a form of Therapy. Once all the above has been considered, we must then look at the wider Spiritual Scene, Mediums, Healers etc. and the level of practice they are operating within.

The biggest challenge is to: 

1) Remove genuine Mediumship, Spiritual Healing away from the Occult, Esoteric and New Age Practice.
2) To offer anyone who is looking to develop their Spiritual Gifts a serious foundation along with an Academic Study of Education that can compare to an equivalent of a School or College Education.
3) That the student becomes Qualified to a recognised standard and this can only be achieved through a commitment to study, Training and Development. All Education Models must be achieved to progress to the next level and this can only be achieved through regular Assessments.
All the above is where the Academy is focused, and we know that The Academy of Excellence gives a very Professional Service to all its students and customers alike.

Who can apply to be on the Register?
Firstly, all students of the Academy who have passed and achieved their Certificate of Recognition Award can naturally apply.
Secondly, anyone outside the Academy is welcome and can also apply to join the Register, however, to meet this Criteria...

a) the Applicant must hold a Medium Award
(which should state a certain level of competence and that they are qualified as a Spiritualist Medium)

b) Hold an up-to-date public insurance

c) They will then be invited to demonstrate their work in front of a Board of Assessors who are (professionals in their own field)
i.e. psychologist, Nurse, Mediums, Healers, Teachers.

d) The demonstration will take place without the use of any Artefacts, Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls, or anything to do with the Occult Practices.

e) This then will be followed by an Oral Exam, (you will need to know your subject).

Upon successful Assessment, the student will be granted access to The Academy’s Professional Medium Register.

What are the Benefits of joining such a Register?

1) The Academy is a Professional Teaching Organisation and we offer all our registered members ‘an after-support service’

2) We have over forty years of experience within all aspects of Mediumship and Spiritual Healing

3) We provide ongoing Continuous Professional Programmes of Development

4) We have a Spiritual Network of Spiritual Mediums/Healers

5) We offer any of our Registered Mediums, the opportunity to have allotted specific times with Jeff Jones,
where they can offload and discuss Casework.

6) We will look into any complaint or dissatisfaction and we will support the medium during this process of investigation, provided that the registered medium is working within the code of conduct and within ethical practice.

7) the Registered Medium will be placed on the website where Visitors to the website can seek out your ‘Services’

8) Annual Fee
This fee gives both parties the opportunity to review and the opportunity exit at any given time.
It gives the member a voice and it also gives the Academy the right to ask the member to leave should there be any malpractice.
If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are only happy to help and assist you with your enquiries.

Note: Even the best Mediums in the world cannot promise you anything in the form of communication!
There are NO guarantees and when attempting communication, it is all experimental!
The Same will apply to Spiritual Contact Healing, we do not Heal or promise a cure!
We cannot promise anything! The Client along with the whatever symptoms that one is suffering with,
are all is in accordance with Divine Law.