Private session / consultation

A private session with Jeff can be life-changing. Getting proof that our loved ones who have passed on are still around us and wants to help us is extremely comforting and brings joy to many. Jeff has, through his long experience, learned to cooperate with the spirit world and has the ability to get in touch with relatives as well as with guides who are willing to mediate a message to you.

All sessions with the spirit world are somewhat of an experiment, as it is only Jeff who can open himself up as a channel towards the spirit world. Who gets through is decided by our guides and relatives on the other side. We can only trust that with their high intelligence and wide perspective, they give us what we need right there and then.

Usually, it is individuals whom we have known personally or someone we are connected to that comes through and identifies themselves. Then, they give us their message. It is also possible for our guides to come through with their knowledge and love. Both the guides and our relatives have their mission to help us along our paths and to strengthen us with their loving messages. Therefore, these sessions are usually both liberating and strengthening and will leave you, as a recipient, a positive feeling even after your meeting with Jeff and the spirit world.

It is fine if you want to record your session. A lot of people have the possibility to record on their phones. Otherwise, we are happy to assist you with this.

A private session/consultation takes about 35 minutes, and the price is 900 SEK.