Large seance - medial demonstration

Welcome to an evening where the spirit world takes the opportunity to show us its existence and bring support and encouragement to those of us who still live our lives here on earth.

Jeff creates a safe atmosphere and brings messages to some people in the audience. Each meeting brings love and healing and could change the audience's lives and the concept of life. Everyone, not only those who receive a message, will feel the energies and get to experience the love and wisdom of the spirit world.

It is of utter importance that the participants understand that even though they don't get a personal message, everyone is taking part in sharing the emotions, the healing and the love from the spirit world. We are all part of the process, and together, we build a bridge between our world and the spirit world.

These occasions are controlled by the spirit world, and Jeff is only their messenger. Because of this, it might be hard to set an exact time for these events. Usually, it lasts for about two hours, ending with some time set aside for questions, where you can ask Jeff directly if you have any query about the spirit world.

See upcoming Large Seances - medial demonstrations in our event calendar.

Both the ticket price and arrangement may vary slightly depending on which organizer Jeff cooperates with.