Independent weekend course - Mental Mediumship 

Independent Weekend course in Mental Mediumship - Hands On

Are you curious about exploring your medial side? Do you want to know how to move on and explore your medial abilities? Or do you seek knowledge of what part of mediumship is best suited for you??

Welcome to a weekend course where Jeff will guide you in exploring your intuition and taking it further into mediumship. There are many ways to act as a medium, for example, mental mediumship, inspirational speech, philosophy, trance, physical mediumship, Spiritual Healing.

Jeff and his team of teachers at The Academy of Excellence will guide you through the terminology and have practical exercises, where you will experience that you know so much more than you might think. Before the end of the weekend, you will be guided into how you can (if you want to) take your ability further in a safe and serious manner.

This course is perfectly suited for those who have already started to get to know their medial ability and to get an extra boost in their development - and for those who "want to try a little" and discover their dormant abilities.

The independent weekend course in Mental Mediumship / Spiritual Healing is also the first step within "The Academy of Excellence". This gives Jeff Jones an opportunity to evaluate 1) if there is any medial potential and 2) which of all phenomena is active or most active. After this course, the participants can choose to apply to proceed to step 2 - the Basic Course.

Course fee: 4,400 SEK