Knowing Jeff Jones

I have met Jeff Jones over many years now. and each time that I have met him it has been in his Public Work. I remember one night in Blackwood Theatre, he gave an outstanding Evening of Communication from our loved ones. I was one of the lucky ones to be blessed that evening with a message from my Grandmother. The evidence and proof of my Grandmother was extraordinary! I have also attended a Workshop with Jeff Jones and the workshop was called 'The Mechanics of Mediumship' - I can only use one word to describe my experience with Jeff and that is 'Amazing'. Over the many years, I have had the pleasure of watching Jeff Jones grow in personality and most importantly into one of the finest Mediums God has blessed us with. As a Teacher, I highly recommend Jeff, he is one of the best but it is his warmth, his understanding, his knowledge is what truly inspired me as a Medium in Training and Development. Jeff Jones changed my life, thank you Jeff for your wonderful work, Ruth Jones 💖


From John Bradford

I would like to take the opportunity to say that I had the pleasure of attending was was called " A hands on" Medium seminar in May 2019 with the incredible talented International Medium Jeff Jones. I am a complete novice when it comes to Mediumship and Spiritualism. The weekend unfolded into what was a remarkable mind blowing experience, a time that change my life on so many levels. Jeff Jones is truly one of the most gifted medium i have ever met! His range of Mediumship took us/group from Intuition into Mental Mediumship, Trance and the ultimate finally Physical Phenomena???? Jeff Jones as a person is a warm charismatic humorous guy! He see's the good and talent within everyone and that is truly a rare gift indeed! Jeff Jones thank you for changing my life! May you continue to uplift and inspire the minds and hearts of all our human family along with your spirit team who blends so closely with you. God Bled John Bradford



Jeff's work as a medium Is beyond extraordinary! As being my mentor within my spiritual development I would like to say that the standards of Jeff's mediumship and training as very professional. Jeff is very sincere and has given his whole life to service god, humanity, and spirit. Jeff likes to teach everyone that mediumship is ever perfecting, until this very day Jeff is always willing to learn new things and still develop throughout the years of experience that he has. I would like to say thank you for being my mentor and guiding me through this spiritual journey, I hope one day that I will carry on this legacy.


Maria Morén

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to discover or practice their mediumistic ability to attend an education for Jeff Jones. Whether you're a beginner or you consider yourself "finished" (which you never will be), he can very professionally guide you on your way and help you enhance your abilities. I myself have completed the Medium Education and graduated June 2019. Now I take the step into the Healing education. Both educations each span 2 1/2 years and include in addition to the mediumistic training also psychology into mediumship (teacher Julie Jones, Psychologist) , theory courses, anatomy course, etc. Jeff is very professional and has a lifetime of experience to share. I have never met a medium with such a strong link to the spirit world and also such a warm, loving and at the same time professional treatment. I have Jeff Jones to thank for so much but above all for the personal development I experienced during the training that highlighted my inner light and shaped me into who I am today. From the bottom of my heart ❤ Thank you Jeff! / Maria Morén


David Alexander

Hello my name is David Alexander from the North of England. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Jones at Stansted Hall in the Arthur Findlay College many years ago! I was very impressed with his standard of professionalism. He gave a demonstration in the sanctuary and my goodness, it has been an experience that has never left me! His teaching ability made us at ease and this was partly down to the humor that came through his work! Jeff Jones helped me to find my truth and my link to the spiritual world. From our meeting i went on to become a Healing Medium. Jeff Jones thank you from the bottom of my heart. You changed my life on so many levels. May the Grace of God be with you now and forever. Yours Truly David Alexander