Flower Seance

During the seance, you will experience Jeff a little bit differently as he also uses nature's vibrations to build the bridge to the spirit world.

Before you arrive at the seance, you must choose a smaller object from nature. It might be a flower, a leaf, a pine cone or something else you feel attracted to. Take this object in your hands and direct your thoughts, feelings, and love towards it.

Since all thoughts are living energy, you transfer your energy this way. The energy enters the object's own frequency and vibration and creates a unit.

After this process, it is important that no one else will touch your object!

Once you arrive, you will be told to place your object on a table and mark it with a number. After that, you can sit down and wait for Jeff to arrive. He will enter the room when everyone has laid their objects on the table and sat down. This is to ensure that he does not know who has brought which object.

Jeff will ask the participants not to give any feedback until his reading is finished, and the seance can start. He will pick an object from the table and say the number out loud. Thereafter, Jeff will interpret the object's vibrations and provide the messages that the spirit world wants to mediate. When he is done, he will ask if the receiver understood the information and will give the opportunity to ask questions if anything is unclear. After that, he will move on to the next object...

A flower seance is usually performed in the same way as a VIP séance, with only ten participants. It is also possible to adjust the flower seance to be suitable for a larger number of people.