Event calendar

The event calendar shows all upcoming events at Jeff Jones School of Spiritual Awareness and Development. You can get information about when and where you can participate in large seances and healing clinics. You can also get the opportunity to have private consultations and private healing sessions among other things.


Out of natural reasons due to the situation of COVID-19 it isn’t possible to arrange events with physical meetings, nor to fly Jeff or Julie Jones into Sweden, or anywhere else.
Therefore we have canceled all new planning and updates until the situation has been stabilized.
The Specialized Psychology classes with Julie Jones, already planned in the swedish calendar, will remain and if still necessary be made on-line through Zoom.
Any other possible on-line events with Jeff Jones will be announced through the Facebook page: Jeff Jones & The Academy of Excellence.

To book a private reading via skype or zoom, we kindly ask you to contact the office through the mail for futher assistance.

We do want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to soon being able to meet up again!