Jeff Jones


My first contact with the spirit world took place when I was ten years old. My grandmother, who was recently deceased, sat down on a chair in front of me and started to talk. She was so real and gave me a message to pass on to my father. This experience made me conclude that heaven must exist here on earth. Because if grandmother was in heaven and could still sit in front of me in the living room, how could it not be so?

Today, these thoughts are shared by many and are becoming widely spread in all kinds of traditional religious communities. These thoughts have been around since ancient times but as civilisation has developed, we strayed further away from it and these are now perceived as new.

Since the mid-19th century, when the modern spiritism was formed, a medium's primary task is to prove the continued existence of the soul after passing over to the other side. This normally happens through information passed on via the medium by a relative in the spirit world. It is the "burden of proof" which is in focus, followed by a message that has the purpose to help us move on or find comfort and inspiration.

My path as a professional medium began after an intense meeting with my deceased father, and when I visited a spiritualist church for the first time. There, I got a message from Tom, my father. The information in this message was so exact and had so much detail that I, now even as an adult, was completely convinced that my father lived on and could communicate with me through a medium.

In order to confirm this, I also went to another church and got the same message from another medium. This medium also told me that I had a strong medial ability.

He told me to stay for a cup of tea after the seance, and even though I was hesitant, I stayed and talked to him. He told me that the church offered training and education on certain nights every week and asked me if I wanted to participate. Each Thursday, I went there and improved at a rapid pace. After only six months of training, I made my first public demonstration.

This bugged some of my older colleagues as many of them had been students for ten years before they were even considered being ready for medial demonstrations in front of the public. But my first demonstration took the edge of this when my work spoke for itself. Some people are born as mediums, and I am one of them.

This became my apprenticeship...

For many years, I visited churches in different districts and got the opportunity to participate in different radio- and TV-shows. I was also asked if I wanted to certify as a public speaker and demonstrator through SNU. That would mean more studies, but it was the natural path to take my medial work further. My medial talent was great, but now I got to expand my knowledge about the different phenomena which opened new paths.

After getting my CSNU/d degree, became a certified speaker and demonstrator within the SNU and as a certified healer (allowing me to work with healing in hospitals in Great Britain), I was designated vice president of my local spiritual church. I also became a teacher, training mediums to be in South Wales while running my own centre for around ten years. I also gave regular lectures in the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, as well as doing work for the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) in Great Britain.

The Arthur Findlay College (Stansted Hall) is seen by many in the worldwide spiritual movement as a mecca for spiritual work and education. There are activities and educations all year round and people from all around the world make pilgrimages there for medial development. It was when I was teaching there that I first got offered to work in other countries. First, it was Germany and then followed by Sweden. I have also worked in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, France, America and Dubai.