Jeff Jones


My first ever experience with the spirit world took place within our family home when I was just ten years old. The experience was with my so called “dead” grandmother, who had recently passed away. Grandmother manifested herself to me very clearly and she seemed to be in some sort of light/glow (aura) and she was sitting in a chair opposite me but right in front of me.

She seemed to be solid in every way, however, she looked slightly younger to how I remember her just before her leaving us? Because of the love between us, I did not even think about she was “dead” I was not friethnend at all. Somehow it was very natural to me and within that moment Grandmother started to talk or impress me with some information like it was some kind of message?

The message was for my father and grandmother impressed her thoughts onto me with an overwhelming knowingness within myself that I had to pass it on! Being a good little boy I did manage to pass it on, not thinking about the consequences that were to follow.

This experience had a deep spiritual impact upon me and it made me very curious, because as a young child I was so interested in God and especially in heaven. I didn’t know why then, but today I know the absolute meaning. What this deep experience did for me was, to absolutely confirm and conclude that heaven existed and it was right here on earth.

It became so clear to me that, if grandmother is in heaven (which is what I was told as a child) and she is now sitting here right in front of me in the living room, then heaven has to right here on earth right! I mean, how does one explain this? I also understood that I am not the first nor will be the last to have these kind of Spiritual experience.

My path into becoming a Professional Medium all began right at that very special moment of being privileged to have that special communion with my dead grandmother. Of course the experience was somehow designed to prepare me, it was almost like a door opener because it lead me to many other experiences that I was to receive.

My next intense spiritual experience I had, was in my friends house. This “traumatic experience” I call it a traumatic experiences because I was not prepared for anything like this and it had a very deep and profound impact upon my entire life and like my first encounter it is somehow embedded in my heart and my everything.

I will never forget these experiences or reunions with both my Grandmother and my father because there was purpose and intelligence in them. Even although each experience held a different meaning for me, Both experiences had one very profound message and that was”there is no such thing as death” and this has stayed with me and has remained with me right up to the present day.

I stood in my friends bathroom where there was a full length dress mirror attached to the wall. Within me entering that room, everything “changed” It was like I entered another world, everything just fell into silence or stillness ! It was like standing in a vast empty space! I was totally aware in this very moment that something strange was about to happen to me once again”. suddenly, there in the full length mirror stood my deceased father.

I was so shocked by this very experience I could not speak, I was numb and the only thing I could do was try to turn around and leave as quickly as I could. The very next moment I became aware of myself urinating in the garden.

Of course I was questioning myself by saying did that just happen to me? One could understand that I had a look of shock and unhappiness on my face and as I entered back into the main room, there was a lot of noise along with some very loud music where everyone enjoying the “party”.

Above all of the loud noise and music, I became very sensitive to a voice that seemed to be quite loud in the air, it seemed to come from someone who was at the other end of the room. The voice seemed to float above everyone's head as it was trying to find its way towards me? I realized quite quickly that the voice came from my friend's mother who was down from London. She was visiting her son for the weekend.

All I heard from this mysterious voice, was “I will take you somewhere in the morning to sort out your little problem”? Of course I didn’t understand what she was talking about. The party continued to work itself through the night and into Sunday morning.

It's now 9.30 am Sunday morning and my friends mother said please take some coffee and bacon toastie to which i did. At the breakfast table I could not stop thinking about what an earth had happened to me during the last evening.

Barbara (friends mother) said be ready by 10.30 sharp because I am taking you to a spiritualist church in the city of Cardiff. the strange thing about all of this I didn’t question anything! We arrived at the Church and upon entering the foyer I heard a “Male’s” voice which i thought was behind me and the voice/he said to me” Welcome home” once again I turned around to see who was talking to me? Of course there was no one there!

Barbara who was with me walked ahead and she was four steps in front of me and she had gone straight into the main church area? I thought to myself, who is this man that just spoke with me? Yet, the voice was familiar to me and I somehow knew it was not belonging to anyone on the physical level!!

This was my first time to visit a spiritualist church. There was an air of excitement and anticipation I was wondering what was going to happen? The visiting Medium was from the London area. I was so engrossed with the Mediums speech (today we call it philosophy) it had so much intelligence along with it having so much personal, spiritual meaning and it was like he was just talking to me! we sang another hymn and then the medium got up to give messages from our loved ones?

The mediums first message out was for me, he asked if he could come to me because he said to me, I have your father with me? He said i have Tom with me your father, (Tom was my father's name) The information that followed from the message was mind blowing, so exact and precise, it had so much evidence and detail which blew me away!

I am now in even more shock at this point! Everything was running through my mind and i can remember saying “ what the hell is happening to me” At the end of the service I could only conclude one thing and that is, my father is “alive” and he lives on in another world and for him to be able to communicate with me, he has to speak or work through a person who is known as a Medium.

Once again I was overwhelmed by my experience at the church. Of course it provokes many other questions. With all of this I decided to “test once again” so the following week I decided to visit a different spiritualist church within the Cardiff area. Upon entering the church I had a very warm feeling all around me and it somehow felt very good.

Once again I was to receive yet another Message from the spiritual world. The Medium said to me, I have a gentleman with me and he gives me the name Tom? Do you Tom he asks, I replied yes I do, then the medium went on to say, this man claims to be your father is that correct? I said yes, it is correct and the message went on to become almost identical to the one I received from the first medium the previous week.

However, the Medium went on to tell me that I was spiritually gifted and that I had strong mediumistic abilities. I was asked by the president of the church to join him and the Medium for a cup of tea after the service, even though I was a little hesitant, I decided to stay and have a chat in the hope one of them could help me make some kind of sense of what happened to me.

The President told me that the church offered Medium Developing Circles which are held once a week on Thursday, he asked me if I would like to participate? I immediately I agreed to the offer even though I didn't know what a development circle was all about! after six months of training I did my first public demonstration of Mediumship. This was to be the start of the rest of my professional Career as a Spiritual Medium Consultant.

Jeff Jones.