Basic course - Spiritualism, 30 h

This basic course is an important key to give all interested future students, as well as those who want to learn more about modern spiritualism, a decent basic understanding of the medial work and its ways. The course includes all aspects of the medial phenomena, theoretical as well as giving insights into what the building blocks of modern spiritualism are and how it arose.

The basic course consists of approximately 30 hours of teaching, divided into two weekend courses and self-studies. The planning and execution of this course may in some cases vary somewhat, depending on the teacher's and the participants' qualifications. The basic course will be completed with a written exam to ensure that the participants have taken in the information that the course has conveyed.

After passing the examination, the participant will receive a certificate of completed education. All participants are rated, and the grade is based on the percentage of total approved tasks. After this course, the participants can choose to apply to move on to step 3, a two-year education in healing/mediumship.

Course fee: 7,200 SEK