Messages from the other side

Jeff Jones is a natural born Medium. After many years of experiencing the Spiritual World, he went on to seek a deeper understanding into the reality of life after death. From the many communications from the Spirit World, Jeff understood the importance of his very delicate, but precious gift of Mediumship.

Jeff understood from quite an early age that to be able to help remove the fear of death away from human understanding, he had to study to gain a complete overview of what seems to be an enormous subject matter. One could say that all Mediums have to be incredibly sensitive instruments!

Jeff’s remarkable gift as Medium/Healer has taken him and his work around the world and for over fifty years he has worked towards becoming a remarkable mouthpiece in which and how the Spiritual World works through him.

Through his work as a Professional Spiritual Medium/Spiritual Consultant, Jeff has met people from many different cultures and from all walks of life.

Throughout his many visits, Jeff has brought a peace of mind to those who have been bereft to those who feel they had no closure, those who feel things were left un-said - leaving them stuck in their grieving process.

Through the many years of training, Jeff has learned that we do not call upon the ‘so called dead’. It is an involuntary act of those who live in the Spiritual world who chooses to communicate back to their loved ones here on earth.

When a client sits with Jeff, he explains that we cannot place any commands or demands upon those on the other side of life. The complete construction is a very delicate state of vibration. Once all of the conditions have been met, which ‘involves the sitter’, communication can take place.

In many of Jeff’s Consultations, the bridge has been strengthened whereby our loved ones crosses that divide and contact is made. Jeff has been able to reunite loved ones who have left their physical lives. Once the contact has been established the communicator must give sufficient evidence that it is them i.e. by giving names, age, hair colouring, the condition of passing etc. and of course most importantly the fond memories of their lives whilst here on the earth. Once recognition is understood by the sitter, then an enormous healing takes place.

This is what Jeff feels his gift is all about. Evidence of life after - this replaces fear, mis-understanding, guilt etc. but most of all, allowing the healing to take place from both sides of the veil! This in turn allows those on the physical level to continue living their earthly life and journey.

Each individual continues to seek peace and understanding in the knowingness that love conquers all things and that one day within the fullness of time they will meet again, remembering that there is no death and our loved one's are just a thought away!

Jeff’s mediumship is based on actual evidence that the human soul lives on after so called physical death. This brings an enormous help and hope. The message is, to all, that one day we will reunite with our loved ones who have gone just a few steps before us.



Jeff Jones

To become the professional Medium/Healer/Author that I am today, it took me many, many years in Education, Training and Development.  Even up to today, my education is still ongoing! It doesn’t stop! I am still working with personal/spiritual development because it is an ever-perfecting process.  

As a public figure, I am constantly aware of how my work deeply touches so many people on a soul level and this has brought me to a deep understanding in awareness  of the incredible precious medium gift that God has been placed in my care, and most importantly the responsibility it places on me and the world.

My work is truly all about Healing and it allows me to help and support those who are bereft, sick, whether they are suffering from Anxiety, depression loneliness, mental health issues,  even those who might be experiencing Psychic/Spiritual activity.

 An aspect of my work as a psychic medium means that I am able under the right conditions be able to facilitate communication with the spirit world, where the clients loved ones attempts to communicate to them by giving evidence to prove they are still with us!

I find great joy in the healing process that takes place when people are touched by the love, intelligences along with the support from our family, guides, and guardian angels on the other side.



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